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Product Summary

OrthoLite® ESD Shield® is the result of our pursuit to advance ESD insole technology while delivering the most comfortable, best performing insoles on the market.

  • OrthoLite® ESD Shield® elevates ESD effectiveness through the combination of conductive fiber technology and FiberFusion technology, which stitches the fibers into OrthoLite® foam using thousands of elliptical needles for a permanent mechanical bond.
  • Outperforming conventional ESD insole technology that depends on a single row of stitching under the toes, OrthoLite® FiberFusion technology’s mechanical bond provides tens of thousands of ESD contact points from heel-to-toe while enhancing the innate comfort of OrthoLite® foam.
  • The adhesive-free solution doesn’t detract from the breathability, moisture-wicking or eco-friendly attributes of OrthoLite® foam—making it the most comfortable, most effective ESD solution on the market.

Otholite ESD Shield Sole Bond Profile

OrthoLite® FiberFusion™ Technology mechanically bonds OrthoLite® ESD Shield® conductive copper fibers into the OrthoLite® X35™ foam base-layer.


OrthoLite® ESD Shield® technology is available in molded insoles and provides full heel-to-toe ESD coverage that doesn’t degrade over time, lose its effectiveness, or compress—making it an ideal choice for premium tier work and service footwear.

zero waste initiative

Zero Waste Initiative
All OrthoLite® formulations utilize recycled rubber and/or production waste foam to support our end goal of Zero Waste.

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Intertek® and Heeluxe testing completed and approved.