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Product Summary

Pushing OrthoLite® hallmark innovation further, we engineered our most flexible insole to work flawlessly with today’s more flexible footwear constructions. The unique sipe blades feature flex-points that bend effortlessly—following every contour of the sole beneath it and consumer’s foot above it. The increased flexibility provides optimal performance and helps reduce foot fatigue, while providing all-day comfort.

Formulations: All existing foam types/densities work (excluding OrthoLite® Lazy™, OrthoLite® Impressions™, and OrthoLite® Imperial™).

MOQ: 50K pairs to open new sipe mold. Standard minimums apply for use of open mold as pictured.


OrthoLite® Super Sipe is perfect for all footwear categories—including performance, dress, casual and outdoor. When products require increased flexibility and articulation without sacrificing comfort, only the OrthoLite® patented siped footbed can deliver this level of performance. OrthoLite® Super Sipe can be used with most of our proprietary formulations (excluding OrthoLite® Impressions™, OrthoLite® Imperial™, OrthoLite® Imperial Plus™ and OrthoLite® Lazy™ foams), providing a cooler, drier, healthier environment inside the shoe—with long-lasting cushioning.