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Product Summary

The proprietary aerogel in OrthoLite® O-Therm™ traps micro-pockets of air without the need for loft and won’t lose its effectiveness when compressed under foot. Unlike other aerogel solutions, OrthoLite® O-Therm™ requires no special handling and or encapsulation—truly a world’s first!

Third party lab tests validate that OrthoLite® O-Therm™ is a breathable thermal barrier that is 54% more effective on average in comparative testing to other thermal insoles when tested at -78°C (-108°F), and only OrthoLite® O-Therm™ delivers all the benefits of OrthoLite® insoles—from maximum breathability, performance and unrivaled comfort. With the remarkable innovation of OrthoLite® O-Therm™, consumers can stay out longer, be more comfortable, perform better and go farther in cold weather conditions.


OrthoLite® O-Therm™ is used as a 2mm base-layer foam and
can be combined with a wide range of OrthoLite® top-layer foams to create a custom insole solution tailored to a broad range of footwear categories. The innate thinness and moldability of OrthoLite® O-Therm™ makes it an ideal thermal barrier solution for footwear linings and strobel layers—bringing unsurpassed cold block technology without adding bulk or weight.