This is a Step Toward Sustainability

Cirql rTPU30 is a patented and scalable recyclable TPU midsole solution made with 30% post-consumer recycled material. Using more recycled content and working toward reducing landfill waste, Cirql rTPU30 expands opportunities to help footwear brands reach their climate and sustainability product goals.

Cirql rTPU30 is for every brand partner and stakeholder seeking to lower their overall environmental impact by increasing the usage of recycled content in their supply chains and reducing usage of virgin and petroleum-based materials.

Key Features

30% recycled TPU and 70% TPU

Manufactured using Cirql’s supercritical foaming process

Made with Material that meets standards for GRS Certification

Working toward a reduction in landfill waste

For use in comfort shoe applications

Recyclable at end of life*

*Any deconstruction and/or take-back programs will be up to the brands/manufacturers.

Partner witH Cirql and step toward true circularity for your brand.


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While many brands have incorporated TPU into their midsoles as a replacement for EVA,

Cirql rTPU30 is the only patented, scalable midsole using recyclable TPU made from 30% recycled post-consumer waste.

Why TPU?

Standing for thermoplastic polyurethane, TPU is a trusted and reliable material in footwear. Due to its linear chemical structure, TPU can be recycled mechanically. Recycled TPU (rTPU) can be recycled several times without performance degradation.

TPU is a trusted entity in footwear for comfort performance with the following attributes:

• Cushioning
• Flexibility
• Ease of moldability
• Superior resistance to abrasions, scuffing, and oils and grease

rTPU30 lowers the impact of traditional TPU:

• Working toward reducing waste
• Made from 30% recycled post-consumer waste
• Reduction in the use of virgin polymer
• Recyclable at end-of-life

Manufacturing Process

From our patented, chemical-free foaming process for which OrthoLite Cirql is known, we developed an injection-molding manufacturing process for Cirql rTPU30 that can be deployed by any factory with supercritical foaming capabilities. With the addition of rTPU30, Cirql is moving toward footwear solutions with two end-of-life options: recyclability and compostability.

This means, Cirql rTPU30 production:

• Is easily scalable
• Incorporates the recycled TPU directly into the foam
• Is accessible to many T1 and T2 factories
• Uses NO added chemicals in production

Are you ready to step toward true circularity for your brand?

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