OrthoLite and Novamont partnership.

OrthoLite Announces Exclusive Partnership with Novamont to Create the First Circular Foam Material Solution in Footwear

March 15, 2023

OrthoLite Cirql foam is a patented footwear materials solution combining OrthoLite’s 26 years of expertise and innovation in foaming polymers and Novamont’s world-leading bio-based, compostable and recyclable polymer to provide the first technology capable of greatly reducing the high impact of the manufacturing process with multiple end-of-life disposal options.

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OrthoLite adds 500th partner

OrthoLite Hits 500 Brands Milestone

February 15, 2023

OrthoLite®, the comfort insoles leader for more than 25 years, welcomed its 500th footwear brand partner. The list spans across all categories—athletic, running, comfort, golf, lifestyle, and fashion—and OrthoLite insoles are found in more than 500 million pairs of shoes every year.

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OrthoLite Cirql Names Sales Director, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

November 22, 2022

OrthoLite hired Juan Cutina as sales director for OrthoLite Cirql, headquartered in Vietnam, where Cutina is based. He joins the company with more than a decade of experience in footwear manufacturing in Vietnam.

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OrthoLite Expands O-Therm Range Of Cold Block Solutions

June 10, 2022

OrthoLite®, the performance and comfort footwear solutions manufacturer, announced it expanded its thermal foam, OrthoLite O-Therm.

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Kristin Kohler Burrows Joins Executive Leadership Team of OrthoLite and Cirql as Chief Brand Officer

April 25, 2022

OrthoLite®, the 25-year industry supplier of branded, high-performance and comfort footwear solutions, announces Kristin Kohler Burrows as Chief Brand Officer.

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Ortholite Unveils ESD Shield An Innovative New ESD Insole Technology For Work And Service Footwear

April 25, 2022

OrthoLite, the 25-year industry supplier of branded, high-performance and comfort footwear solutions, introduces OrthoLite ESD Shield, the world’s first and only mechanically-bonded electrostatic discharge protection insole technology. OrthoLite ESD Shield is available in molded insoles and delivers full heel-to-toe ESD protection.

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OrthoLite Introduces Cirql

OrthoLite Introduces Cirql Midsole Foam Solution to Revolutionize and Drive Sustainability in the Footwear Industry

March 01, 2022

OrthoLite, the 25-year industry leader of branded, high performance, comfort footwear solutions, today unveils its first-ever midsole foam innovation to elevate sustainability in the footwear industry: Cirql.

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Footwear News Interview With Glenn Barrett

OrthoLite Founder on How the Insole Company Grew to Be in 550 Million Pairs of Shoes

February 23, 2022

Ahead of OrthoLite’s 25th Anniversary celebration this year, founder and CEO, Glenn Barrett spoke with Footwear News about the decisions that changed the course of the company and where it can go next. “Through building strong teams and making bold choices, Glenn has led OrthoLite to become the premier insole manufacturer in the world. It is the preferred insole for over 350 brands across all categories of footwear.”

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25th Anniversary News Article

OrthoLite Celebrates 25th Anniversary With “Record Growth”

Jan 27, 2022

OrthoLite® celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2022 on the heels of back-to-back, record-setting growth years. Demonstrating the global scale and endurance of the company’s value proposition, 2021 was the best year in the history of the company – even amidst the various global challenges associated with COVID and other supply chain disruptions.

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This Is What’s Really Going on Inside Your Shoes — Details You Never Knew on the Anatomy

April 10, 2019

“As a brand ourselves, we clearly believe there is a concrete benefit in branded goods,” said Soyla Breen, senior director, footwear merchandising for work & outdoor for Ariat International, about the use of branded componentry. “A brand cares about its reputation, and there is therefore a sense of accountability that drives excellence.”

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The Best New Shoes For You!

April 2019

“For even more cushioning, the new version has an OrthoLite sockliner, which ensures long-lasting softness.”

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OrthoLite Partners with American Trail Running Association (ATRA)

March 18, 2019

The American Trail Running Association (ATRA) announced that OrthoLite has renewed their partnership, which includes the moniker, “Official Insole of ATRA,” as well as a promotional program to be announced later this year that is tailored to reaching ATRA’s audience of trail runners nationwide.

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Going Green: Hybrid Technology

March 11, 2019

OrthoLite is focused on sustainability this fall with the launch of Hybrid, a patent-pending insole technology that blends 5% recycled rubber with 15% product waste for 20% eco-content. The technology can be applied to all OrthoLite formulations and will be found in shoes across all categories.

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OrthoLite’s Eco Hybrid is First Step Toward 100% Recycled Insole

January 31, 2019

OrthoLite is helping to move footwear sustainability one step further. The high-performance insole company is bringing the Eco Hybrid foam insole made with 15 percent production waste foam to market…

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Getting Into the Comfort Zone

January 14, 2019
These insole-makers say business is booming, thanks to favorable trends.

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Green Machine: Green Machine: OrthoLite Introduces Two Eco-Friendly Insoles

October/November 2018

OrthoLite’s new product launch could help the footwear industry take another step toward a more circular economy. At The Materials Show in Portland, Oregon, Wednesday, the foam and insole manufacturer launched Eco Hybrid, a foam made from upcycled scraps from its own production floor. OrthoLite collects scraps of foam, grinds the waste down into small…

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Power 150

October 29, 2018

Under Barrett, the company opened a new factory in Vietnam, along with a facility in China, accelerating the development of more sustainable products.

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Orvis PRO Wading Boot With Ortholite X25 Insole

September 20, 2018

There are breakthrough innovations that elevate performance to another level in the evolution of a product. The Orvis PRO Boot is a collaboration between Orvis and Ortholite to create the Orvis PRO Wading Boot with Ortholite X25 insole, to be sold online and in-store worldwide starting January 2019.

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