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Product Summary

We’re always pushing our innovation further—in how our products perform and how they impact the environment. Responding to the increasing demand for environmentally responsible products, OrthoLite® Hybrid™ is a true game-changing technology. Combining recycled rubber, waste foam and our open-cell foam, it goes the distance and retains all the performance attributes OrthoLite® is known for—with less impact on the environment. OrthoLite® Hybrid™ means using less petroleum and less energy, while adding less to landfills. And it means all the comfort your consumers expect—with the eco-friendly features they demand.

OrthoLite® Hybrid™ can now be applied to all OrthoLite® formulations.


Ideal for a wide range of applications, OrthoLite® Hybrid™ provides cushioning and performance critical in insole, strobel and upper applications. The hybrid formulation creates a cooler, drier environment inside the footwear, so consumers can feel and perform their best. It also supports your brand’s sustainability goals—giving you a great opportunity to tell your consumers why you’ve chosen OrthoLite®.

MESH1® testing completed and approved.