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Product Summary

OrthoLite® 3D Skive™ application is a proprietary 3D cutting technology that utilizes either a wave or egg-crate geometry pattern delivering enhanced step-in comfort and improved air circulation underfoot.

The textured cushioning delivers outstanding massaging comfort and creates the sensation of walking on air. The 3mm peaks and valleys maintain their shape over time, maximizing OrthoLite® cushioning and comfort attributes.

Formulations: OrthoLite® 3D Skive™ can be used with most of our proprietary formulations (excluding OrthoLite® Impressions™, OrthoLite® Imperial™, and OrthoLite® Lazy™ foams).

MESH1® testing completed and approved.


OrthoLite® 3D Skive™ Technology is the perfect solution for all-day comfort—best used in a comfort, casual or dress application to provide soft underfoot stimulation. Consumers will love the underfoot feel, while enjoying a cooler, drier, healthier environment inside the shoe.

Egg Crate