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Product Summary

For thousands of years, cultures from around the world have enjoyed the benefits of reflexology to sooth and massage feet. OrthoLite® 3D Skive™ Pebble Path is inspired by pebble paths throughout Asia, used to both stimulate and relax the bottom of the foot. The organic designs of these paths come to life as a new comfort solution sculpted from OrthoLite® foam. Consumers will enjoy the massaging comfort of walking on OrthoLite® 3D Skive™ Pebble Path, with a 3mm pebble pattern that retains its shape and continues to deliver the benefits of OrthoLite® 3D Skive™ technology throughout the lifetime of the product.

Formulations: OrthoLite® 3D Skive™ Pebble Path can be used with most of our proprietary formulations (excluding OrthoLite® Impressions™, OrthoLite® Imperial™, and OrthoLite® Lazy™ foams).


OrthoLite® 3D Skive™ Pebble Path is the perfect solution for all-day comfort—best used in a comfort, casual or dress application to provide soft underfoot stimulation. Consumers will love the underfoot feel, while enjoying a cooler, drier, healthier environment inside the shoe.