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OrthoLite® X55 Product Summary

With an unprecedented 55% resiliency, OrthoLite® X55 foam provides the ultimate wearing experience—with awe-inspiring step-in comfort and all-day energy return that sets a new standard in comfort and performance. The feeling is lively, with the immediate perception of energy, making it ideal for all footwear categories including casual and dress footwear. When used in athletic footwear, OrthoLite® X55 gives the feeling of propulsion during high-energy sports while providing superb stability and support. Simply by upgrading into X55™, our brand partners can market products with the most energy return ever developed and experienced.


OrthoLite® X55 is engineered to enhance every wearing occasion- including casual, dress, outdoor and athletic footwear. X55 resiliency and energy return help contribute to less foot fatigue and provides unrivaled stability, comfort and performance under all conditions from on the court, to out on the trails, or on the way to the office.



MESH1® testing completed and approved.