What is OrthoLite Cirql?

OrthoLite Cirql is the critical solution needed to achieve true circularity in the footwear industry. Cirql offers a pure foam alternative to conventional foams and will set a new standard for product and manufacturing processes that’s purposefully focused on the end of life in a true 360-degree solution across all parts of the shoe. The world’s first zero waste production and industrially compostable comfort and performance foam technology.

Cirql’s groundbreaking points of differentiation:

EVA Plastics-Free Foam

Non-Persistent Microplastics

Chemical-Free Foaming Process


Industrially Compostable


There’s more proof where that came from.


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Pure sustainable comfort and performance, like never before.

Cirql delivers on OrthoLite’s highest standards of comfort and performance while achieving unmatched sustainability through breakthrough innovative technology.


Comfort is what we do best.
Cirql delivers unmatched comfort that’s expected from OrthoLite, the leading global producer of comfort and performance insoles.


We put performance to the test.

Cirql is third-party tested to serve as a viable replacement to conventional foams that use toxic or hazardous chemicals.


A breakthrough in sustainability.

Cirql is a first-ever foam featuring non-persistent microplastics with a biodegradable and industrially compostable end-of-life solution.


Innovation with every step.

Cirql is a breakthrough technology that will set a new standard in truly sustainable footwear, moving toward circularity and zero waste.

Cirql is a breakthrough technology that sets a new standard in sustainable footwear, as the world’s first-ever 360-degree end-of-life solution in footwear.

The chemical-free foaming process behind Cirql delivers unprecedented comfort, performance, and sustainability.

Are you ready to commit your brand to a true end-of-life sustainable solution?

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