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OrthoLite X-Sorb Product Summary

With its extraordinarily low resiliency and high density, OrthoLite® X-Sorb foam deadens impact forces before they’re transferred to the body. Its unrivaled energy absorption makes it the perfect choice for a wide range of applications where comfort is a priority and stability is essential. Low elongation and ultra-high tensile strength allow it to stretch and rebound—enhancing range of motion while maintaining all the signature OrthoLite® attributes. With OrthoLite® X-Sorb, footwear can deliver superior confidence and under-foot protection, and sports equipment can enhance safety and reduce fatigue without adding bulk or limiting mobility.



The OrthoLite® X-sorb series is perfect for any situation that requires exceptional comfort with the additional benefits of protection from impact and vibration. It’s inherent shock dampening and lightness make it ideal solution across multiple categories of work, dress, fashion, western, outdoor and service footwear. Ortholite® X-Sorb can be used in both single- and duel layer applications- with a softer foam on top to deliver immediate step-in comfort. For safety and sports equipment, its extreme tensile strength and minimal weight provide essential protection against shock and vibration while reducing fatigue and enhancing performance- without limiting range of motion.

Contact your OrthoLite® representative regarding molded specifications.