Patent-Approved OrthoLite Hybrid Technology Protects Your Brand Promise

We’re proud to share that our OrthoLite® Hybrid™ Technology line, including Hybrid™, HybridPlus-Bio™, and HybridPlus Recycled™, is patent approved.
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What does this mean?

OrthoLite seeks patents to protect both our own intellectual property, technologies, and innovations, and the value propositions and supply chain resilience for our over 500-strong family of global footwear brand partners.

To choose an OrthoLite product is to choose premium comfort and performance. In the case of our Hybrid™ formulations, it’s also a commitment to incorporating more recycled materials, sourced from post-production waste. As the insole market founder and leader, it’s imperative that we invest to protect what makes our products stand above those of our competitors. Our customers trust in the value we deliver.

Proof in 3P Verification

Along with verifications, like Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification and Recycled Claim Standards (RCS), patents provide an added layer of confidence that the OrthoLite supply chain is delivering precisely what we claim. We embrace the critical importance of accountability and providing full transparency through globally recognized third-party resources that demonstrate our ongoing progress and leadership in environmental sustainability in both product and process.

The patents ensure that no other maker can try to imitate OrthoLite Hybrid technology and our authentic speckle design.

OrthoLite® Hybrid™ is a trademarked brand and authentic product with transparent sourcing and production. It delivers on quality and performance, and it represents the type of partner you get when you work with OrthoLite.

OrthoLite Hybrid Patent

What do the patents cover?

US Patents D941568 and D991659 protect the distinctive speckled design of the Hybrid lineup including at least some of the insoles in the Hybrid™, HybridPlus-Bio™, and HybridPlus Recycled™ lineups.

For decades, OrthoLite’s signature look has been synonymous with our commitment to reusing post-production rubber waste. And now our brand partners can utilize this proprietary Hybrid innovation with confidence knowing it is also the authentic and patented technology that reclaims post-production PU foam waste. We help mitigate the risk with our intellectual property because the brands know that they will receive the original authentic OrthoLite Hybrid.

What are the speckles in the Hybrid line?

The distinctive and authentic Hybrid design combines three, responsibly-sourced options:

  1. Our own post-production recycled foam. OrthoLite owns the means of production plus we also have recycling facilities where we reclaim and grind the waste to meet our exclusive foaming specifications.
  2. Hybrid uniquely utilizes our proprietary chemistry along with both reclaimed PU waste plus recycled rubber. OrthoLite virgin PU is combined with our post-production PU waste foam along with recycled outsole rubber to help further close the loop on manufacturing waste.
  3. All Hybrid technologies are third-party certified validating the authenticity of our claims.

All OrthoLite insoles have recycled content. What differentiates Hybrid technology?

OrthoLite® Hybrid™ is GRS certified, and blends our standard inclusion of 5% recycled rubber with a select range of 15% to 43% production waste foam.

All OrthoLite comfort solutions can be upgraded with this patented Hybrid technology.  And the majority of these formulations can be upgraded at a cost neutral price position adding even more value to this innovative and sustainable insole option.  All Hybrid upgrades retain the same physical properties as their non-Hybrid versions, so upgrading to Hybrid is an easy choice on many different levels.

Hybrid™ can be used as its own formulations, and it can be added to ALL other OrthoLite formulations to increase recycled content percentages.

Our Hybrid technology allows us to utilize more post-production waste to help prevent over 1.3 million pounds of recycled rubber from entering landfills each year and reach our goal of Zero Waste.

OrthoLite Hybrid Zero Waste

In what applications can Hybrid technology be used?

Hybrid technology provides cushioning and performance suited for insole, strobel (“sock” construction) and upper applications.


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