Know You’re Getting Genuine, Premium Quality OrthoLite Insoles

When you’re the best-in-class, it’s only a matter of time before the knock-offs start appearing. As the leader in comfort foam insoles for more than 25 years, we’re used to seeing sub-par imitations trying to pass for OrthoLite.

This is why we patent our products.

Naturally, we have our own IP and business interests to protect. But it’s bigger than us. We also need to protect our brand partners and their consumers, who expect premium quality when they purchase a shoe with an OrthoLite insole.

We take these protections seriously, especially as we continue to innovate and continue to lead in comfort, in performance, and in pathways to lowering impacts for all footwear.

With this in mind, we’re happy to report that our patent protection has been extended for the speckled appearance of the OrthoLite® Hybrid® Technology line, including Hybrid®, HybridPlus-Bio®, and HybridPlus Recycled®.

Protecting the “Speckle” Protects the Integrity of Quality and the Sustainability Promise

Every OrthoLite insole, since our very first in 1997, has included at least 5% recycled rubber. It was an early commitment to reducing the use of virgin materials. Plus, that addition supplemented performance qualities. Though perhaps the most well-known legacy to come from our use of recycled rubber became OrthoLite’s distinctive speckled appearance. OrthoLite® Hybrid® is GRS certified, and blends our standard inclusion of 5% recycled rubber with a select range of 15% to 43% production waste foam.

Footwear brands and manufacturers know that the speckles mean OrthoLite premium quality. Consumers, who may not even know our name, know that the speckles mean comfort. In the case of the OrthoLite® Hybrid® line, our patents protect the colored foam speckled design that represents quality, comfort, and the inclusion of at least 20% recycled materials.

Important promises are tied into the “speckle” of brand recognition. Patent protection is one way we keep our promises.

3X the Protection

As of April 2, 2024, OrthoLite holds three design patents protecting the visual aesthetics of the Hybrid® line. That’s three times the defense against any knock-off products, and three times the defense if a competitor tries to challenge our intellectual property claim.

What differentiates our three design patents is the color and foam background for a shoe insole. U.S. patent protection for the visual “look” of the colored foam speckles in our Hybrid® shoe insoles means that no other company may sell or market anything visually similar in a shoe insole within the United States. Doing so would violate the granted patents.

The three U.S. design patents on OrthoLite® Hybrid® foam:

  • D941568, granted in the U.S. on Jan. 25, 2022
  • D991659, granted in the U.S. on July 11, 2023, covers speckles on a “seed pearl” color foam as the background of the insole
  • D1020199, granted in the U.S. on April 2, 2024, is a continuation of patent #D991659 that covers colored speckles on any color foam as the background color

OrthoLite Hybrid patents

What are the speckles in the Hybrid® line? 

The distinctive and authentic Hybrid® design combines three, responsibly-sourced options:

  1. Our own post-production recycled foam. OrthoLite owns the means of production plus we also have recycling facilities where we reclaim and grind the waste to meet our exclusive foaming specifications.
  2. Hybrid® uniquely utilizes our proprietary chemistry along with both reclaimed PU waste plus recycled rubber. OrthoLite virgin PU is combined with our post-production PU waste foam along with recycled outsole rubber to help further close the loop on manufacturing waste.
  3. All Hybrid® technologies are third-party certified validating the authenticity of our claims

Boosted Confidence from Patents and 3P Verification

Along with verifications, like Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification and Recycled Claim Standards (RCS), patents provide an added layer of confidence that the OrthoLite supply chain is delivering precisely what we claim. We embrace the critical importance of accountability and providing full transparency through globally recognized third-party resources that demonstrate our ongoing progress and leadership in environmental sustainability in both product and process.

For OrthoLite® Hybrid®, the distinctive speckled aesthetic is inextricable from our proprietary chemistry and, therefore, is inextricable from the function of the product. The patents ensure that no other insole supplier can imitate the visual design and try to confuse or obfuscate buyers around the product they’re selling.


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