OrthoLite Expands O-Therm™ Range to offer more customizable Cold Block Solutions

OrthoLite is offering more options for our popular O-Therm thermal foam. This means more opportunity for footwear brands to customize the right cold block solutions for their cold weather product lines.

Previously only available in a 2-mm thickness, O-Therm is now available in a thickness range of 2mm to 20mm. Given the extremely low weight of any O-Therm product, even the highest level of thickness adds negligible weight. This gives brands more choice, more customization, and more latitude to align the perfect amount of cold blocking technology for their customers’ needs.

O-Therm, introduced in February 2021, is the most adaptable and high-performing thermal material available. It can be applied as an insole, a strobel layer, or a lining. As the first and only aerogel-infused, open-cell PU

 foam with these capabilities, it’s a continuation of OrthoLite’s legacy of innovation, enhanced comfort, and top-tier performance.  

As verified through third-party testing, O-Therm is 54% more effective than other thermal insoles at blocking cold. By including O-Therm in a winter shoe, brands can empirically claim warmer feet and higher comfort (for longer!) in cold weather conditions.

“When we introduced O-Therm last year, the product set the new bar for cold weather solutions,” said Rob Falken, Vice President of Innovation at OrthoLite. “Now, by expanding the thickness options from 2mm to 20mm–and everywhere in between–O-Therm is also the most versatile cold weather blocker on the market. Especially considering the technology’s unparalleled technical upsides, O-Therm is truly a bespoke solution for brands to satisfy even their most discerning customers.”

With the varied thicknesses and implementations of O-Therm as insoles, strobel layers, and linings, OrthoLite is helping brands push even further in precision design and applications for cold weather options. The opportunity reaches across a broad range of footwear categories, including: outdoor, casual, work, ski and snowboard, fashion, and other outdoor sectors.

O-Therm technology works by creating a thermal barrier to block cold and support temperature regulation inside the shoe. A proprietary combination of materials is highlighted by the inclusion of an advanced aerogel. This aerogel is not only the world’s most insulating material, it’s also exceptionally hydrophobic and is the lightest man-made material. It tips the scale at three times the weight of air.

The result? Lightweight comfort and performance.

And as with EVERY OrthoLIte product, O-Therm contains a minimum of 5% total eco content from recycled rubber and its production conforms to our company-wide goal of Zero Waste.

To learn more about OrthoLite O-Therm, the third-party verifications, and how it is the right solution for your cold weather product line, please visit: https://www.ortholite.com/technology/o-therm/.


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