OrthoLite ESD Shield®: The World’s First and Only Mechanically Bonded Electrostatic Discharge Insole Technology

Electrostatic discharge is the result of what we, as kids, called static electricity. It’s that “shock” from walking across a carpeted room and touching a bit of metal, or once again for most of us: poking at our siblings. In technical terms, it’s the brief electric flow between two differently charged objects.

While typically just a momentary discomfort in residential settings, electrostatic discharge (ESD) can pack more of a punch and be acutely dangerous in other settings. With sufficient charge, ESD can spark explosions (e.g. near gas, vapor, or flammable particulate matter) and can destroy electronics, like circuit boards.

To better protect workers and their environs, OrthoLite has introduced OrthoLite ESD Shield®. It is the world’s first and only mechanically-bonded electrostatic discharge protection insole technology, and it’s delivered with OrthoLite’s exceptional commitment to comfort.

ESD Shield is a top cover system with our patented Fiber-Fusion® technology. This innovative solution utilizes conductive copper fibers that are mechanically bonded to OrthoLite X35 foam. No glue is required.

By design, this system provides the highest level of comfort and performance for wearers, with an ESD insole protection that won’t degrade over time.

Conventional ESD insole technology depends on a single row of stitching under the toes, which interrupts the protective attributes and risks discomfort. ESD Shield elevates electrostatic discharge protection using OrthoLite’s patent-pending process that mechanically bonds the conductive fibers permanently to OrthoLite foam using thousands of elliptical needles. The result is heel-to-toe protection without any discernible seams to abrade and blister the foot.

“ESD Shield is the result of our pursuit to advance ESD insole technology while delivering the most comfortable, best performing insoles on the market,” explained Rob Falken, Vice President of Global Innovation for OrthoLite. “The adhesive-free solution does not detract from the breathability, moisture-wicking or eco-friendly attributes of OrthoLite foam—making ESD Shield the most comfortable, most effective ESD solution on the market.”

Intertek, a globally respected, third-party testing laboratory, has quantified ESD Shield’s performance. Intertek testing validates:

ESD Shield measures in at less than 0.01 milliohm (mΩ).
This is a 1,000x difference in ESD performance based on the ISO Standard 20344 – 2011 (the industry standard for ESD footwear requiring electrical resistance of less than 100 mΩ).

Additional third-party testing has also verified performance for wear, abrasion resistance, die migration and peel strength. Testing protocol and results can be reviewed here.

Ideal for work and service footwear, OrthoLite ESD Shield is available in molded insoles and delivers full heel-to-toe ESD protection.

To incorporate unrivaled comfort, performance, and safety with the new OrthoLite ESD Shield,  please visit ortholite.com and call your OrthoLite sales contact.






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