Happy Anniversary to…Us! OrthoLite Celebrates 25th Year

Twenty-five years ago, the world became a more comfortable place. Okay, that’s a bit bold. But it’s not an exaggeration to say that walking through the world became a more comfortable experience.

Because 25 years ago, OrthoLite introduced our very first insoles and launched a mission that endures. As founder and CEO, Glenn Barrett explains, “From day one, our mission was simple: To help brands make better, more comfortable shoes.”

Barrett introduced the world’s first high-performance, open-cell foam PU insole that delivered a cooler, drier and healthier interior environment in the shoe. Before OrthoLite, insole materials were generic, commodity foams – a basic filler material that didn’t breathe, compressed or flattened out too quickly, and caused sweat and odors to accumulate. OrthoLite’s insole solution would raise the quality and comfort standards across the board for the entire global footwear industry.

Today, ​​OrthoLite is the insole supplier of choice for over 350 leading footwear brands worldwide, across all categories – athletic, running, comfort, golf, lifestyle, and fashion. Our insoles are in more than 500 million pairs of shoes every year.

It’s that simple. A quarter of a century later, we’re still committed to helping our partners make better and more comfortable shoes.

Better and more comfortable are dynamic targets, by design. They capture the essence of who we are as a team and what we stand for as a company. Our ambition to innovate and to exceed expectations is limitless. It takes ingenuity and dedication, not to mention heaps of creative problem solving.

For us, 25 years marks a time for reflection and renewal. On the heels of back-to-back record-setting sales years, we will take a moment to “cheers” our team and our partners, but we’re not slowing down.

Looking forward, we’re optimistic for continued growth and continued industry leadership. On top of continuous product innovation, our team is pioneering new standards of sustainability in footwear production, in zero-waste operations, and in materials.

So yeah, we’re excited. We’re celebrating for what has been and what will be. To our team, to our brand partners, and to everyone who’s ever had a bit more pep in their step courtesy of an OrthoLite insole, we thank you. We celebrate when we can contribute to your success or make your day a bit better.

Glenn Barrett, our fearless leader, already has eyes for tomorrow. “We see a better future for footwear, we will continue to innovate around both comfort and sustainability, and we’re honored to lead the way.”




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