OrthoLite Indonesia: Honoring the Importance of Community

Community engagement is one of the five pillars of OrthoLite’s global Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)  program. It reflects our deeply held belief that we’re in partnership with the communities in which we operate. Accordingly, we take an active role in fostering and strengthening community relationships, just as we do with our brand partners. Stay tuned for more information on the OrthoLite EHS program in the coming weeks.

Across the world, our team members deliver excellence at our production facilities every working day. And we recognize that work is just one aspect of their lives. Beyond work, we share the universal desire for health and happiness for our families, friends, and communities.

In respect of that, we choose our community engagement projects thoughtfully in order to serve local needs, and to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our local partners: our teams and the communities where we operate.

OrthoLite Indonesia CSR

OrthoLite Chief Sales Officer, CB Tuite

One such engagement took place in mid-September 2023, in Kampung Gaok RT 005/008, Pangadegan, Kec. Ps. Kemis Kabupaten Tangerang, Indonesia. Several members of the OrthoLite team–from global HQ and our local Indonesian team–visited the Orphanage of Yayasan Bahtera Bhakti Insan Mulia. We have organized a visit and donations for this orphanage four times a year, for the past few years.

OrthoLite Indonesia CSR

OrthoLite brought an array of items to donate, including: food and groceries, toiletries, school supplies, building materials, trees and plants. Many of our Indonesian team members also voluntarily choose to donate to this package, resulting in even more supplies and donations for the children.

We spent the day with the kids, enjoying a dance performance and fun quizzes when the kids could “show off” their knowledge. We planted trees, played a bit, and shared the donations.

OrthoLite CSR

OrthoLite VP of Sales SE Asia, Andy Setiawan

Indonesia has one of the highest rates of orphaned children in the world. COVID-19 accelerated this as over 25,000 children lost one or both of their primary caregivers to the disease. While many of these newly orphaned children were able to stay with extended family, not all were in similar situations.

The orphanage system in Indonesia is a mix of private and government-supported facilities. With due respect to the individuals working so diligently to care for the children, most orphanages are underfunded and in need of external support.

OrthoLite CSR

For our team members, it was a day of mixed emotions. It was joy-filled to spend time with kids and to provide much-needed supplies. And, naturally, there is an empathetic sadness for what each child must have endured to live in the orphanage today.  With that, there must also be hope and action that we can support them toward a brighter future.

This is why community engagement matters to OrthoLite. When we operate in a community, we become part of that community. We strive to earn our place not just through providing jobs, but also through giving back. It is our responsibility and our honor to do so.


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