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OrthoLite Best In Class Service

Our mission is to create better, more thoughtful, and more eco-conscious solutions for our partners and everyone who uses our products. With vertically-owned, local operations located everywhere shoes are made, we’re able to guarantee the best manufacturing experience because we control every step in the manufacturing process.

We build, own, and operate our own manufacturing facilities, create all of our own formulations from proprietary raw materials, and develop brand-specific expertise to better manage your unique needs. This helps reduce supply chain issues and allows us to better source and manage raw materials. It also means we can quickly adjust output capacity, apply new innovations, or change up our process as your business needs shift. The result: efficiency, quality, transparency, and the best service on earth, everywhere on earth.

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We’re fueled by innovation, a deep understanding of our brand partners’ needs, true collaboration, and a dedication to limiting our impact on the planet—and it shows in every product we make. That’s how we became the global leader, and why we’re proud to partner with the best brands on earth.