OrthoLite® Expands European Market Presence, Boosting Production, Innovation and Speed-to-Market Manufacturing

We couldn’t be more pleased to announce the expansion of our European facility, OrthoLite Europa (OEU).

OrthoLite’s increased commitment in Europe furthers our unique global vertical integration strategy and investment in our owned and operated facilities. OrthoLite continues to bolster best-in-class manufacturing practices and consistencies throughout our manufacturing regions, which enables us to assert near total control over our supply chain and production.

“Our commitment to invest in our global manufacturing footprint brings agility and reliability for OrthoLite’s brand partners and our T1 factory partners,” explains Richard Bevan, VP of Global Operations for OrthoLite. “Our factory in Spain is a crucial European hub for our EU-based partners. Our production demand continues to grow and  we continue to build excellence in capacity, customer service, advancing technologies, and unmatched responsiveness as a strategic supply partner.”

OEU’s expansion enhances capacity, innovation and local- for-local insole production solutions for OrthoLite’s European brand partners. Continued investments into the latest technologies will support manufacturing innovation, infrastructure, as well as capacity expansions and operational efficiencies. The factory will expand lean line production, add more automation, and continually modernize the facility and tooling requirements.

OrthoLite Europe

Our brand partners can expect the highest levels of service and quality supported by OrthoLite’s ongoing commitment to invest in its European production. A host of new technologies will support brand-ready customization and expand installed capacities within the EU to meet the growing demand for more technical designs and premium quality materials in footwear.

Since 2021, OrthoLite quadrupled capacity for European Union (EU) footwear production in our facility in Almansa, Spain. The OEU facility provides greater production capacity as well as artisan craftsmanship and specialization in leather-based solutions for the EU-based partners that OrthoLite serves with its insoles. OrthoLite Europa is especially relevant for speed-to-market. From Spain, we can deliver to any point in Europe within two to four days.

OrthoLite EU

OrthoLite invested in the team in Almansa for the local talent and technical skill set in leather working as well as the facility’s proximity to other countries working with leather in Europe. Almansa is known as the shoemaking capital of Spain, with 400 years of history in the artistry and trade of footwear.

The OEU facility primarily serves “Made in the EU production” targeting the fashion, luxury, dress, work, outdoor, trail, hike, comfort casual, and athletic footwear brands with top quality insoles as well as leather and other technical insole products, including:

  • Leather and textile lamination
  • Heel cups, wedges, and both molded and die cut insoles
  • Artisan leather insoles for premium fashion brands
  • ESD applications and in-house testing utilizing the SATRA TM240-2001 test protocol
  • OrthoLite O-Therm™, the first and only aerogel-infused, open-cell PU foam cold and heat block solution that can be applied not only as an insole but also a strobel layer or lining.
  • GRS and RCS certified products
  • Investments in additional lean lines and localized foaming

OrthoLite exists to serve and resource our family of over 550 global footwear brand partners. As the business of footwear manufacturing continues to dynamically change and demand continues to grow for specialized, sustainable innovations, OrthoLite’s commitment to build and deliver solutions expands.


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