Mitigating Supply Chain Risk

OrthoLite Risk Mitigation

To paraphrase the classic saying, if you want your supply chain done right, you have to do it yourself. So that’s exactly what we do. Our vertical-ownership manufacturing model is just as much about risk mitigation as it is efficiency. Because we own and manage every aspect of our manufacturing, we’re more agile, more responsive, and more accurate in our capacity predictions. We’ve also grown our global footprint and invested in new technologies and redundancies so that if one particular location runs into supply chain issues, we can still guarantee consistent, on-time deliveries by shifting production to another region.

To further mitigate risk, our teams are assembled from the industry’s most talented people, we’re constantly working to increase our efficiencies and capacity, and we’re always on a mission to reduce waste. No one can completely eliminate risk, but we’ve designed every part of our operation to get as close as possible.

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We’re fueled by innovation, a deep understanding of our brand partners’ needs, true collaboration, and a dedication to limiting our impact on the planet—and it shows in every product we make. That’s how we became the global leader, and why we’re proud to partner with the best brands on earth.