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At Ortholite, we’re a global company with local roots everywhere shoes are made with local facilities, local leadership, and a local workforce on five different continents. In industry terms, our system is referred to as being “local for local” but we prefer to think of it as developing and manufacturing products with neighbors, for neighbors.

Being local for local provides several incredibly valuable business advantages to our partner brands. We’re able to drastically cut transportation costs and delays, increase speed to market, and reduce supplier issues. We’re also able to work closely with local factory groups, helping to better manage resources and production capacity. And, because of our proximity, we’re always reachable and ready to respond to any changing needs or issues when they arise.

And know that no matter where you’re based, our local team will always deliver the same internationally-recognized standards, service, and performance that have made us the industry leader. With us, “local for local” always comes with global standards.

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OrthoLite local for local.


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