Honoring Matt Smith

We are profoundly saddened to share that Matt Smith, a beloved and respected member of the OrthoLite team, has passed away.

With 23 years in the shoe business, his loss will be felt across a wide swath of the footwear industry. We mourn his loss across all of OrthoLite, and especially within the OrthoLite Cirql team, in Vietnam.

Matt served as the GM and Vice President of OrthoLite Cirql since 2021. With the myriad responsibilities of helping OrthoLite launch a brand-new material and new brand, he said that ‘providing a rewarding and happy work environment to his team’ was his top priority. His support of his team was unwavering. It is an extension of who he was both inside and outside of work.

We all knew Matt as a consummate work colleague, and many of us were lucky to call him a friend. In all facets, his sincerity was so heartfelt, and his enthusiasm so unbounded, he had the ability to lift those around him like a rising tide.

Matt’s passing is an immeasurable loss for his family and loved ones, in addition to a tremendous loss for the global OrthoLite team and footwear community. The entire OrthoLite team sends love and our deepest condolences.


Thank you, Matt, for your vibrant spirit and commitment. We will continue to honor the vision that you so diligently worked toward, and we will celebrate you every step of the way.


— Glenn and John Barrett, OrthoLite


Memories of Matt Smith


“We recruited Matt during the height of the pandemic and interviewing people on ZOOM was foreign to me. I’ve never hired someone for such an important job without ever meeting them. But even from our first conversation, I knew Matt Smith was a great fit for our team. I feel so fortunate that we were able to work closely with Matt.

We finally met last Fall at our company’s first in person sales conference since the pandemic. When I heard he had arrived, I hurried to meet Matt. When he stood up, I was surprised at how tall he was! But reflecting on it, I shouldn’t have been. Both his personality and leadership style were powerful, as was his stature! Yet he was so accessible and fun to work with. Matt Smith was just a great person, and I am forever grateful to have had the time I had with him, we truly consummated a great friendship. He will be so missed.”
Glenn Barrett, founder and CEO of OrthoLite



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