Comfort Matters: Why OrthoLite Insoles Lead With Comfort

OrthoLite is the shoe insole of choice for over 400 manufacturers across the globe, representing nearly every category of footwear. Our insoles (plus our hearts and souls) are inside 500 million pairs of shoes each year.

There’s a clear reason for this: Comfort.

Yes, we proudly share our sustainability story. Yes, we love to dive into the technicalities of open-cell PU-based insoles, and how we’re organized toward maximum operational versatility. Yes, we celebrate the brilliant minds that keep pushing our innovation forward at any chance we get.

But without step-in comfort and sustained comfort performance, the rest of it won’t see the light of day.

Comfort is our biggest brand promise to our brand partners and consumers. And we’re not going to disappoint.

Countless Formulations; Variable Criteria; Thousands of Custom Comfort Solutions

How do we deliver step-in comfort and sustained comfort across so many footwear categories and for so many brand partners?

We’ve created an expansive range of shoe insole formulations, each with varying degrees of density, hardness, thickness, and other criteria. Adjusting the criteria for each shoe model allows our brand partners to choose among thousands of custom permutations, and to dial in the optimal comfort and rebound for their products.


Every OrthoLite insole is built for a premium wearer experience. That extends from the performance criteria that shape the comfort, to the added wearer benefits of: breathability, washability, and low weights.


Critical to both comfort and sustainability, OrthoLite insoles are built to last.


Over the lifetime of the product, OrthoLite® open-cell foam has a low compression set so the cushioning, fit, comfort and performance virtually never change. Traditional foam insoles cannot deliver the same sustained comfort and performance.

Comfort is a Mission

Comfort is more than a “feature” for OrthoLite. It’s a part of our mission.

We’re out to create the most comfortable and highest performing footwear components in the most sustainable way. To make meaningful progress toward this ever-expanding goal, we foster a culture of innovation. It takes bold ideas to change footwear and to hopefully change the world.


This sense of purpose reminds us that what we make and how we make it matters. Our results matter. Sustainability matters. Performance matters. Comfort matters.





Comfort & Performance


We’re fueled by innovation, a deep understanding of our brand partners’ needs, true collaboration, and a dedication to limiting our impact on the planet—and it shows in every product we make. That’s how we became the global leader, and why we’re proud to partner with the best brands on earth.