A Mission of Accountability

OrthoLite Elevates Corporate Responsibility Through Its Mission, Vision, Values

Glenn Barrett, chairman and CEO of OrthoLite, cultivated  OrthoLite’s mission when he founded the company in 1997. “It’s simple,” Barrett says. “We help brands build better shoes by making them more comfortable.”

Comfort still reigns supreme in OrthoLite products. Thousands of decisions influence how we achieve our hallmark, comfort and performance premium products. Our decisions are informed by operations, employee relations, materials choices, environmental considerations, consumer interests, and certainly, our brand partners’ needs.

Earlier this year, Barrett led the charge to build something unique into our mission: to share how we make our decisions. We need our ethos to do more than reflect the responsibilities we feel toward people, the planet and our fellow footwear brands.

We need to own our accountability.

Taking responsibility for our choices is cooked into the cultural existence here. We prioritize working with integrity over talking about integrity. As a brand with an ever expanding global footprint, we must articulate our processes to our stakeholders. What drives our commitments? What values influence our decisions?

At OrthoLite, we plan for growth through excellence. In sharing our mission, vision and values, we invite you into how we shape that path forward, and how we continually challenge ourselves to do better.

Our Mission: Inspire brands and consumers through a relentless commitment to innovation and solutions that deliver unmatched comfort, performance and sustainability.

Our Vision: Walk with the world in pure, sustainable comfort.

Our Values: OrthoLite CARESGraphic of OrthoLite CARES - Committed, accountable, relentless, earth, science

This is who we are and what we expect from ourselves.

  • Committed: We are fiercely loyal to employees and brand partners.
  • Accountable: We deliver quality and value from start to finish.
  • Relentless: We are dedicated to innovation.
  • Earth: We passionately create sustainable solutions.
  • Science: We stand for truth and transparency.

On one hand, we’re obsessive about research and innovation. That data gives us confidence in our decisions.

We’re setting a high bar for product excellence and corporate responsibility. Historically, and across many industries those two goals can clash. What if we don’t live up to the ideals we expect from ourselves?

There will also be times when we won’t be able to make as much positive change as quickly as we’d like. In those situations, we will offer transparency and the heartfelt belief that forward momentum is better than stagnation.

You can always expect (and receive) exceptional comfort,  performance and sustainable innovations from OrthoLite. By elevating and sharing our mission, vision and values, we invite you to expect (and to experience) a company pursuing science-backed innovations, a culture of respect and dignity, and bold leaps toward more sustainable solutions.

Walk with us.


Comfort & Performance


We’re fueled by innovation, a deep understanding of our brand partners’ needs, true collaboration, and a dedication to limiting our impact on the planet—and it shows in every product we make. That’s how we became the global leader, and why we’re proud to partner with the best brands on earth.