OrthoLite Cirql™ Patents Protect Our Innovation, Quality and Our Brand Partners

Few innovations have as much potential to revolutionize sustainable footwear manufacturing as OrthoLite CirqlTM. OrthoLite Cirql includes a proprietary biopolymer and a patented process that results in a pure foam that is fully compostable in an industrial facility or recyclable.

We’ve secured patents to protect this leap in footwear sustainability. Patenting this technology allows OrthoLite to invest in research and development, personnel, and facilities to help ensure the highest quality and strictest manufacturing standards to meet the stated environmental promises. The patents also help protect our brand partners’ investments and credibility in the global movement to make footwear more circular.

Patented OrthoLite Cirql Foaming Methods

OrthoLite Cirql’s patents cover the methods of supercritical foaming a biopolymer and recycled plastics. The process of foaming biopolymers was the crucial key to uniting the environmental promise of plant-based innovation and the performance needs of footwear. Our team cracked the code by utilizing a clean, chemical-free, and efficient process in combination with a proprietary biopolymer.

Cirql Recycle Patents

The Cirql Recycle Patents are directed to creating a recyclable flexible foam made by supercritical foaming recycled/post-consumer plastic which may then be re-foamed again to greatly reduce the need for virgin materials.

  • Two US Patents granted with a continuation pending
  • Covered by: US Patent No. 10,843,429; US Patent No. 11,465,377; Patents Pending in AU, BR, CN, EP, ID, IN, JP, KR, MX, TW, VN
Cirql Bio Patents

Cirql Biodegradable Patents are directed to creating a biodegradable flexible foam made by supercritical foaming a biopolymer allowing for industrially compostable shoes.

  • Two US Patents granted with a continuation pending
  • Covered by: US Patent No. 11,413,799; US Patent No. 11,155,009; Patents Pending in AU, BR, CN, EP, JP, VN
Anticipated Global Patent Coverage

We have additional U.S. and global patents pending. We anticipate comprehensive, global patent coverage for the following:

  • Use of additional biopolymers and recycled plastics.
  • Patents pending also include extrusion and injection-molding improvements as well as extruded, leather-like materials.
Protecting our Brand Partners and the Planet

OrthoLite Cirql is the first, true, circular solution for modern footwear. Minimizing the environmental impact of footwear is too important a mission to leave unprotected.

In OrthoLite Cirql, our team has created a comfort foam that is made from plant-based polymers and is foamed using a clean, chemical-free process. At the end of life, that foam can be composted (at an industrial composter) back into nutrient-rich soil. Our claims are backed by a complete Life Cycle Analysis as well as third-party verifications and certifications.

Our patents protect Cirql’s innovation as well as our brand partners. We want both our brand partners and consumers to know that Cirql is vetted and true. Cirql’s patents and third-party certifications back up our claims and our promises. Brands using Cirql in their shoes can confidently extend those same claims and promises to consumers.

The OrthoLite Cirql name and logo are registered trademarks. For more information about OrthoLite Cirql patents, please visit our Patents page or contact us with any questions.


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