OrthoLite Cirql’s Sustainability Claims are Backed by Third Party Certifications

OrthoLite Cirql is an absolute revolution for footwear sustainability. It is the first and only, scalable midsole foam that’s industrially compostable, recyclable, and free from forever chemicals in both the material and in the production process.

But don’t take our word for it.

With Cirql, we set out to do nothing less than create a true soil-to-soil, end of life solution for a durable, comfort-focused, midsole foam. After 25 years in the footwear game, we’ve seen a lot of lofty claims come and go, and we’re setting up Cirql for the long haul. If we want to revamp how modern footwear can be better for people and the planet, we need outside confirmation to review every aspect of our work.

That’s precisely what we’ve done.

We’ve sought third-party testing, verification and standards in just about every available way, including:

A Life Cycle Analysis, executed by IVL

This is a full-scale environmental impact assessment, including: raw material extraction, transport, emissions, resource use, use phase analysis, and waste management.” It charts climate impact and assesses the viability and effects of the end of life solution.


Chemical-Free Foaming Process, verified by the IVL Life Cycle Analysis

Inert nitrogen gas, the same as the air we breathe, is the only chemical added to Cirql’s foaming process. This is compared to an average of 15 chemicals, many of which are toxic, that are used to make conventional EVA plastic foams.


EN 132432 and ASTM D6400 for Industrial Compostability Certification, performed by Din Certco

These two standards cover industrial composting. Together, they test for: biodegradability, disintegration, the absence of negative effects in the composting process, and the presence (or lack thereof) of heavy metals.


Certified Vegan, by Intertek

If a footwear manufacturer adheres to Cirql operating standards, Cirql foam is certified vegan. We cannot guarantee vegan purity after the foaming process, because each manufacturer employs their own processes and materials.


GMO-free, by Certi Quality

The Cirql polymer and resultant foam does not include any genetically engineered or genetically modified source material or additives.


USDA Biopreferred Certified 

This a self-labeling program that is backed by third-party certification and overseen by the USDA. It ensures products are made from verified amounts of biobased, renewable ingredients.


Certified RSL compliant, by Intertek

No materials included in the polymer or manufacturing of Cirql are on the Restricted Substance List.


Certified REACH compliant, by Intertek

In 2007, the European Union issued the “Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals,” also known as REACH. Compliance with REACH means we’ve identified any potential risks of the substances used to make Cirql, and guaranteed those risks are managed for the safety of the end consumer.


Hypoallergenic, by SGS Labs

Cirql is unlikely to cause any allergic reaction, even for the most sensitive among us.


Consumers, brands, and the factories that manufacture footwear have all been demanding change. The change is to reduce the pollution, the waste, and the use of toxic chemicals in our footwear. Of course, OrthoLite Cirql is taking it even further to also deliver the first of its kind, managed end of life solution.


These outside verifications aren’t for our own sense of validation (though it sure feels good to have our work confirmed!). They are for our brand partners and consumers to have confidence in the credibility of Cirql’s claims and potential. Together, we can all walk with a lighter footprint into the future.


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