Industry Design and Development Icon Marc Scepi on Cirql rTPU30

Marc Scepi, VP of Design for GREATS, is one of the most respected voices in footwear design and development today. It’s not just his effortless cool that drives so many brands to seek out his counsel. It’s also his passion for understanding every aspect of what it takes to produce an exceptional shoe.

Cirql invited Marc to assess and review Cirql rTPU30 to gain his global perspective on the potential of our newest material to drive positive change toward a greater sustainability in footwear. Here’s what he had to say.

On Cirql rTPU30’s Applicability for Designers:

“Cirql’s rTPU30 ushers in a pivotal shift in sneaker sustainability, marrying environmental responsibility with industry demands. The scalability of rTPU30 empowers designers to innovate freely, creating customized solutions that align with a brand’s unique vision, all while utilizing supercritical foaming—a cleaner, non-toxic approach to foam creation.”

On how Cirql rTPU30 Serves Footwear Brands’ Sustainability Goals:

“This [Cirql rTPU30] midsole, a fusion of 70% virgin and 30% post-consumer TPU, sets a new standard by reducing reliance on new materials and ensuring full recyclability. Its integration of GRS-certified recycled content disrupts traditional production cycles, paving the way for cleaner, greener manufacturing.”

On Where He Sees the Most Promise to Affect Positive Change in Footwear Sustainability:

“With its dual applicability as a midsole and co-molded outsole, rTPU30 offers a complete recyclable unit, demonstrating that high-end sustainability is now within reach for everyday footwear. This isn’t just progress; it’s a transformative approach that sets a new benchmark for the entire footwear industry.”

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